Sunday, December 7, 2008

Padres 40th Anniversary Logo

"SAN DIEGO -- The Padres unveiled their specially designed, 40th anniversary logo on Thursday to celebrate a historic milestone for the franchise. The logo will be displayed on a uniform patch and sewn into three of the Padres' four jerseys -- home, away and the alternate blue tops. The logo will also be featured prominently in 2009 in advertising for the team, promotional materials and throughout PETCO Park.

The Swinging Friar is at the center of the logo. The Friar's origins predate the Major League Padres, debuting as the official insignia of the Pacific Coast League Padres in 1961. The image, originally sketched by San Diego High graduate Carlos Hadaway, was utilized by the team from 1969-1984 and, after a break, since 1995."

I like it. I think it's nicely designed and balanced. I like the fact the bat is breaking out of the logo. I'm not wild about the friar, but still, it's nicely done.

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