Friday, December 5, 2008

NCAA unveils 2010 Women's Final Four logo

SAN ANTONIO — The NCAA, in conjunction with the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and the San Antonio Local Organizing Committee (SALOC), unveiled the 2010 NCAA Women’s Final Four logo at a Friday news conference and women’s basketball celebration held at the newly opened Young Women’s Leadership Academy. The 2010 NCAA Women’s Final Four logo pays tribute to Texas, the Lone Star State, and the rich history of San Antonio, with a single five-point white star embedded within the “o” of the word “Four” in the design. Logo colors are red, white, blue and gray.
I can't say that I like this logo much at all. It's not absolutely horrible, but mostly horrible. It does have a little bit of a "sports" look to it - but just barely. The star in the middle of the "O" in "Four" is too big and the points are too close to the edge of the letter. The grey banner at the bottom with its beveled funkiness and type treatment doesn't help things at all. And those two little white dots on the ends of the banner...what are they fastening the banner to, other than thin air?

I hate giving the old thumbs down to anything from my home state, but here goes...

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