Monday, November 10, 2008

When your client is you.

You probably have gathered by now that I'm a drummer. I started playing a drum kit when I was 14. You never forget your first drum kit. Mine was a gift from my parents for my birthday. It was from a Sears and Roebuck catalog and blue sparkle. It had a little shield thingy design on the bass drum head where you could paste in your initials that they sent with the kit.

Here's a picture of it. This photo was taken at my very first gig at Buda Junior High in Buda, Texas in 1969.

I figured the other day that I should have my own drum logo, so off to work I went. I started with some sketches and ended up with the logo below. I like the way the sticks made the crossbar of the letter "H" and the vertical stick made the "I" and also how it ended up looking like a clock. You know, drums, timekeeping...clock. Yeah.

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Ken Gardner said...

Nice logo man! I like it a lot.